The West Coast: Oregon (September – October 2022)

On the top of my bucket list was going to the Oregon Coast. Growing up in the Southeast, I’m very familiar with a certain style of beach – like NC/SC and even Florida – with sand dunes and flowing grasses. I traveled to Gloucester, Massachusetts in 2009 and fell in love with the rocky terrain at the beaches there….so I knew I would love the Pacific Coast. Plus, I’m a huge movie geek, so visiting film locations is always a kick!

Cannon Beach in Seaside is a huge expanse of a beach and beautiful, even on overcast/rainy days. Some movies filmed at or around the “Haystacks” are “The Goonies”, “Twilight” and “Point Break”.

The Haystacks on Cannon Beach
Houses at Cannon Beach
Hello Pacific Ocean – it was a cold overcast day…but made for gorgeous pics!

Seaside, OR was a place of firsts for both of us: -first time dipping our toes into the Pacific, -first time being in a campground with a Tsunami Evacuation plan and last but not least -first time driving our truck on the beach! I even did this one day when I was exploring by myself…Garland was not too happy when I told him after…guess I can’t blame him considering I couldn’t figure out how to turn on 4-wheel drive AND I admitted it. But I made it off the beach unscathed. 🙂

We stayed at Seaside Thousand Trails and when you arrive they give you a two page pamphlet with important Tsunami information and our site was directly across from the evacuation trail – which you have to walk – no vehicles allowed. One thing I would recommend is they should list (on the pamphlet) that the first Wednesday of the month (at Noon) the town of Seaside tests their Tsunami warning siren. Talk about giving me a heart-attack…until I released what it was!

We had dinner a couple of times with a co-worker of Garland’s (Mike) and were very grateful for his knowledge of the area. Enjoyed restaurants in Seaside near the merry-go-round and also the Sandrap Bar & Grill beside the beach. On our traveling weekend before this campground, we met a really nice couple at a Harvest Host, who we now call friends and had dinner with them also. Chris & John introduced us to Camp 18 Restaurant – “A Dining & Logging Experience”. Would definitely recommend! We also ran into a couple we met in Quincy, WA (at the hot tub there) (Julie & Gary) and joined them in the hot tub one evening in Seaside. This campground also has an indoor pool, which is great for families. You realize how small the world is – meeting up with new and old friends on the road.

Having fun at Camp 18 Restaurant
If you are a “lover” of wood like Garland, you’ll love the interior of Camp 18. The owners milled all the wood!
Front desk at Camp 18

We spent a day exploring Astoria and the nearby Cape Disappointment State Park (which is actually in WA). First we had lunch at a local restaurant (can’t fool anyone- trying local restaurants is one of our favorite things especially when there’s fresh seafood!), then we visited the Columbia River Maritime Museum and both loved it. Definitely worth the time.

At the Columbia River Maritime museum

We drove around Astoria to see some of the “Goonies” filming locations – the county jail where they have the black jeep seen in the movie and the Flavel House. Plus, Astoria is just a really cute town.

After going over the metal bridge (back into WA), we hiked one of the prettiest trails I’ve ever been on – in Cape Disappointment State Park. The massive trees, all the moss and magical light – transports you to another place. And the views of Long Beach at the lookout will take your breath away. We went to Waikiki Beach and had a view of the lighthouse there. Next went to the Benson Beach trail – don’t miss this one! We were the only ones on the trail and then were afforded the most magnificent sunset – on a practically deserted beach. Just magical – although a little chilly on the beach.

Hike at Cape Disappoint – was magical!

We don’t have trees or moss like this in NC!
Lookout with view of Long Beach
Waikiki Beach with light house in distance.
Closer view of Cape Disappoint Lighthouse
Benson beach – beautiful but very chilly!

Seaside will definitely be someplace we visit again and again. Still need to ride our eBikes on Cannon Beach. 🙂