Glacier National Park in Montana (August 2022)

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think you can spend any time in or around Glacier National Park and not be awed by the beauty and wonder of our great land. To me, it’s simply God’s country and we have the pleasure of visiting for a while. Garland had this on his bucket list even before we went full time and it did not disappoint. This was also another place we had friends come and visit, which is always a BONUS!

This was our first look at Many Glacier – pictures don’t do the water color justice!

We stayed at a campground over looking Saint Mary’s lake in Babb and ate at St. Mary’s restaurant a few times. Take time to look around at all the history at the restaurant. We drove to the Many Glacier Hotel on Swiftcurrent Lake. Absolutely gorgeous “Swiss” style hotel with awe-inspiring majesty outside and a magnificent towering lobby.

Young Moose (with fur still on his antlers) at our campground – we saw him twice. He was about 7 feet tall!
G enjoying dessert at St. Mary’s restaurant
When snow melts, this becomes a double water fall.

We visited Running Eagle falls. During the wet season it’s a double waterfall with water coming from above and from inside the mountain. We only saw the single but a great short hike.

One or our stops on the Red Bus – Logan Pass
Sunset on Going to the Sun Road
Look how close you get to the rocks on Red Bus!
Many Glacier hotel on Swiftcurrent Lake
Lobby of Many Glacier Hotel

We took two tours during the week with Roger and Corina – the Red Bus tour and the boat tour on Many Glacier lake and Lake McDonald. There is a bit of walking in between the two lakes, so just be prepared or you can just do one of the boat tours. Would very much commend both! You learn so much about the park on both the Red Bus and Boat tours. We also had great meals at both Many Glacier Hotel and Lake McDonald – would recommend both. And always try the “Huckleberry” desserts and drinks. 🙂

On our boat tour.
Water color was just beautiful – this is no filter.
Walking to the second boat – this is right before we saw a Mama bear and her two cubs on the trail. Luckily they were not interested in us – they were headed to swim.
Lake McDonald – second boat
From the safety of our boat – watched Mama bear and her two cubs play in the water. Notice the 2nd cub to the left and he is a black color where the Mama and other cub look brown.
Lake McDonald and glaciers

If the only thing you do in Glacier is driving the Going to the Sun road, you won’t be disappointed. Luckily Roger rented a truck (smaller than our dually) so we were able to to drive this gorgeous road a few times – maximum length is 21 feet. Tip – if you have a reservation for a tour or dinning in the park, you can access the Going to the Sun road or you’ll need to purchase an entrance time.

Mountain Goats on Sun Road