Epic Wyoming (Yellowstone and Cody) July 2022

Garland and I took vacation for the week of July 4th and our Faux kids Nathan and Mackenzie came out to visit. They flew in to Billings, MT and we stayed in Cody, WY. We drove into Yellowstone for two days. If you don’t stay in the park you have to travel quite a ways to just get there – but it’s so worth it! We hired someone to come and take care of the pups those days – too long to leave them. 🙂

Cody Rodeo on the Forth of July! What a way to celebrate our country!
The Cody Firearms experience – we all shot the Gaitling gun!
All smiles – at the beginning of a 13 hour day in Yellowstone!
Grizzlies Blueberry and her cub – we watched them playing together – at a distance!
We took this with a scope and cell phone.
Up-close pic of Blueberry and her cub. A ranger gave me this pic taken a few days before we saw them!
Huge Elk right beside the road!
Old Faithful was late, but she finally blew!
Blue Star Spring – color was even prettier in person!
Grand Canyon of Yellowsone
One of our favorite stops in Yellowstone – just massive!
Mammoth Springs
Grand Prismatic Spring – WOW
Next time we go to Yellowstone, we’ll go to the higher overlook for better pics! We definitely want to go back, since we could not go to Hayden Valley – due to all the flooding the park had just experienced.
Horseback riding in Cody
At Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody – G almost has the wingspan of a Golden Eagle! G and the kids liked the Firearms Museum – I loved the paintings and sculptures. Something for everyone.

Then we went to a Chuck Wagon cook out!
Visited the Old Trail Town
Watched the shoot out show at the Irma while having dinner.