Back in NC (April – June 2023) with a cruise to Canada sprinkled in!

After being gone for so long, it was great to be back on the East Coast! No matter what time zone we’re in, I work East Coast time – so not getting up at 5am is a treat! And NC will always be “home” no matter where we roam. While in Fletcher, NC we visited with family and G and his brother added new batteries and Victron components to our 5th wheel.

Garland and his brother Randy – caching up and doing what they love!
Just like a “sticks and bricks” home, there are always things to upgrade and/or fix! 🙂

We stayed a few days at Lake Norman, NC. We lived in Denver, NC when we were first married, very close to this campground, so always nice to go there.

Stayed in this same campground, in same site right before going full time in 2021.
Dixie Moon came over for a reunion! Also had dinner with one of my Besties and our Cousin.
Next time, we’ll stay longer – too many things to do and people to see!
G also got to jam with Cumberland County Line Bluegrass at dinner one night.
Amazing how they all fall right back into step after so long!

On to the Raleigh area for my work and needed appointments. Oh…and to fly to Newark for a CRUISE to Canada! (our first time in Canada – we will definitely go back)

Stayed at a no-frills campground in the Raleigh area. But we had our own trash can (usually you have to take trash to a dumpster in campgrounds). And as you can see, we had PLENTY of space.

We went on a cruise with YouTubers, “Today is Someday” (Phil & Stacy). We started watching their videos (along with others) before going full time. They were all our inspirations for this lifestyle we love! We had about 100 people in our group, so it was a blast!

Absolutely loved leaving from the Cape Liberty Cruise port.
Went under the GW Bridge – the one we drove across (by mistake) in September 2021
when GPS stopped talking to us!
Bye bye NYC – here we come Canada (New Brunswick and Halifax)
One of the coolest sites we saw in Saint John, New Brunswick was the reversing rapids. It’s a unique phenomenon created by the collision of the Bay of Fundy and the Saint John River. At low tide the river empties into the bay causing a series of rapids and whirlpools.
This picture is in the morning – with calm water.
This was later that day in the PM – with rushing water. So cool!
The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world This was a low tide.
Caves at the Bay of Fundy – you can only access at low tide.
Fishing boats – can only go out when the tide comes in!
Saw two covered bridges in Saint Martins – one is large enough for an 18 wheeler to drive through!
Halifax – drunken light posts
Old Burial Grounds in Halifax
St. Mary’s Cathedral in Halifax
We met so many new friends on the cruise – great fun!
My handsome hubby!
Our group scavenger hunt was a blast!
I’m sure other people thought we were crazy! This is our pyramid, in front of a specific restaurant.
The Aqua show on Oasis was the best cruise show we’ve ever seen! Look at those heals in the water!
This show had great music with dancing, synchronized swimming, diving and aerial dance!
We had group events – like this where the WOMEN won! So much fun!
We did a tour of Manhattan the last day of the cruise – love visiting NYC!
St. Patrick’s Cathedral – covered in flowers!
911 Memorial
Sunset on the water