Accord, NY and Clinton, CT (July-August 2023) Sometimes things just don’t work out and my all time favorite actor!)

We stayed at Thousand Trails Roundout Valley, in Accord, NY for two weeks. We had a spacious site in front of the pool. When we arrived they told us July was their busiest time of year – with “Christmas in July” and all the kiddos out of school. After the first week, many left and I was able so spend a relaxing lunch hour at the pool. We have stayed at a couple of campgrounds that had “adult” pools, which is always nice. And they had a big inflatable bouncy thing here – for the kids…which I tried out too! 🙂 No pics from that!

We love our upgraded awning which provides more coverage. We sit out here in the evenings and play Ticket to Ride, on our iPads And of course we love to cook outside – well G does. 🙂
The pups love “sunning” more then we do!
Nice lunch break – love the Catskills weather and look – almost no one there!
Look at all those cute Dachshunds!!! Garland met the parents & pups one evening.
We think having 2 and a Catahoula mix is a lot!
One thing you must do in the mountains of NY is visit some of the farms and markets!
This is Saunderskill Farm Market & Greenhouse.
All the pickled items are G’s favorite!
I opted for a cheddar and bacon scone – so good! And they had wonderful apple cider donuts!
The (formerly) World’s largest gnome is very close to the campground.
Was raining so just snapped a pic driving by.
On the Vanderbilt Mansion estate in Hyde Park, NY

So, sometime things just don’t work out – no matter how much preparation you put into it. We planned to visit the Vanderbilt Mansion in nearby Hyde Park, but we sat in traffic for about an hour and 1/2 and when we arrived all tickets for tours were sold out. I was very disappointed having visited Biltmore (the Vanderbilt’s country estate) in Asheville, NC many times. So…we decided to go down the road to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home and take a tour there. On the website they listed a later tour, but when we arrived were told there were no more that day. I guess there were just a lot of people from NYC escaping to the mountains that day – can’t blame them! But it was a beautiful day and a nice drive – when not sitting in traffic.

I’m forever taking pics of cool houses! When we quit this lifestyle we want something small like this one and we both love the rock!
This picture just makes me laugh – saw this beautiful HUGE structure from the road (surrounded by gorgeous mountains) and took a detour to find out what it was. It’s the Eastern New York Corrections Facility! We have never seen a jail/prison this pretty. You don’t see the fences until your closer. We drove around a little and I took a pic of the tall guard station. THEN I saw the sign, “ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED”. About that time, G notices the armed guard staring down at us! We high-tailed it out of there. Oops!
We had a power outage one evening and noticed all the neighbors were at the big fire pit.
Met some really nice people here. Making memories!

Our next stop for 2 weeks was a private (not Thousand Trails) campground in Clinton, CT called Riverdale Farm. It was a great location to visit historic towns and beaches.

Loved the Q Bridge in Connecticut!
The “Kate” Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook – definitely worth a visit!

Before visiting Connecticut, we watched a documentary on Katharine Hepburn, who has always been a favorite of mine. Two of my all-time favorite movies are “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” with Spencer Tracy playing Kate’s husband and “On Golden Pond”. I have watched “Guess…” so many times I can recite Christina Drayton’s (Kate’s character) speech when she dismisses “Hilary” because of her narrow views.

Spencer Tracy and Kate were together for 26 years and he passed away just 17 days after shooting his scenes for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. Kate never saw the completed firm, saying it was too painful for her. For the most part they kept separate residences, but Kate said they spent the last two years of his life, “living a quiet life”, reading, painting and listening to music. Out of consideration for Tracy’s family, Kate did not attend his funeral. It may be hard to understand their relationship and that of Spencer’s with his wife, who did not want a divorce (and that he reportedly had another affair during the time with Kate), but Spencer and Kate’s love was apparent. After learning so much more about their long relationship, their scenes together in “Guess” have new meaning.

Katharine Hepburn was a very private person and not typical Hollywood. She is remembered for her headstrong independence, her spirited personality and for not conforming to society’s expectations of women. Our guide at the Kate Museum had lived in Old Saybrook all her life and remembers seeing Katharine in local stores, playing tennis and riding her bike down the street – how cool! Love seeing the exhibits of her clothing (her beloved pants) and some of her writing at the “Kate.” I was in heaven!

The Spirit of Katherine Hepburn Award – her famous pose.
Wonder if other people have done this? LOL
Painting by Henry Fonda. On the first day of filming “On Golden Pond”, Katharine gave Henry a brown fedora that had been Spencer’s “lucky” hat. This painting was a gift from Henry to Katharine.
Her famous style of dressing. That was her home in the background photo. to the right.
Grace Church in Old Saybrook, CT
Gorgeous homes on the water – close to the Hepburn estate.